Each product is unique of its kind and they tell a story, our.

Since the early 1990s, when MGR was coming to life near the province of Treviso, cradle of interior design, its production was inspired by handcrafting standards inherent to this area.
Thanks to the innovative Zeno Rizzo’s concept of design, a new idea of furniture entirely Made in Italy was born. From this, arises the philosophy according to which a seat is not only a decorative furniture anymore, but it’s seen as a vehicle of comfort and aesthetics.

Nowadays, MGR, is not only a leading company with a unique design and high level of comfort in the casino furniture field. It is also a network of companies that develops, renews and enhances its furnishings knowledge and competence.

We don't sell a simple chair, we sell a philosophy.

We like to focus on the essential: quality, service and product.

We make it possible since we have invested in the most advanced technology through the years, without ever setting any boundaries. We have continued to study the ergonomy, the materials and the processing in order to be able to provide you always the best product. We will continue to do so, because we are led by a vision that doesn’t stop to inspire us.