The leading Italian company in the production of casino chairs of exclusive design and high quality, participated for the sixth time at the recent ICE show in London.
We talked with Guido Rizzo, Head of Global Sales of MGR Casino Chairs:
 “For Europe, this is the event of the year and for us it has become crucial to participate at ICE.  It's an ideal opportunity to really “kick start" the business year and to once again meet with old and new customers as well as familiar friends.
 Additionally, with our participation at G2E Las Vegas in October, the two markets are very different and ICE is a perfect opportunity for us to present our new designs.
 This year we have put a lot of emphasis on our new and innovative upholstery material like our "Touch Velvet".  A 100% washable, waterproof velvet, with it’s abrasion resistant and fireproof qualities, with the same characteristics of the most used ecological leather but with a decidedly superior style and quality feeling.
 We also presented two new chairs specifically targeted at the bingo sector, with an attractive, ergonomic design and maintaining a very competitive price.
 And for the interesting UK market, we displayed a new slot chair. Our GELESY model comes with high comfort credentials, specifically targeted for casinos VIP guests.
In short, it was another great show and we are happy that customers and friends, from all over the world, have chosen us and appreciate our products and our work.
And when a customer brings another customer onto your stand ... well, this just fills you with tremendous pride!
 MGR Casino Chairs will be in Dublin and exhibiting at the forth coming Irish Expo and also in Valencia for Expo Joc, where every one can touch the quality and feel the comfort of these small ‘works of art’".

Guido Rizzo - Velevet Thouch  -  ICE London 2020 - MGR Casino Chairs - Bingo Chairs - Slot Chairs

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